General Manager's Update - 7-29-20

Dear Landings Association Members,

At the beginning of September, you will receive your Annual Dues voting packet. This is your chance to help determine what kind of community you want to continue to live in…one that is thriving as we reach our 50th birthday in 2022, or one that is falling behind competitors by not maintaining our infrastructure and critical services, thus hurting property values. As with all topics of such importance, this proposal already has generated much community discussion and will continue to do so. I think the word “community” is the key. The Landings Association’s vision is “to be the most vibrant private residential community in the Southeast”. We live in a community that is greater than the sum of its individual parts. From the winding paths, to the multi-generational athletic complex, to the two marinas with event spaces for when we can return to large gatherings, these all combine to make The Landings the best neighborhood around. Some have suggested that each individual project should have a Special Assessment vote before proceeding. When you start to have line item votes on items that brought us here in the first place, you start to lose that sense of community. I can only imagine having votes on what streets are going to be repaved, as one example. We could quickly start pitting neighbor against neighbor, no longer being a “neighborhood”. We’ve already heard about some heated discussion on the proposal on social media. Though your Association doesn’t post on those sites, we will continue to provide factual information so you can make an informed decision before you vote. If you go to, you can learn all you need to know. If there’s something not addressed there, just reach out to us, and we’ll answer your question as quickly as possible. We’re also beginning a new, periodic Eblast called “Fast Facts”. These are intended to be 20-30 second reads that provide facts about topics of interest or discussion. We continue to hear that residents want short, easy-to-understand communications, and we continue to work in that direction. In summary…debate the Annual Dues proposal in a neighborly way, educate yourself about the contents, ask questions where we haven’t provided enough information, and then please vote when you receive your ballot on September 1. The voting period will end October 5. We need at least 60% of all owners to vote to reach a quorum. In the end, I hope we have provided you with enough details that you will vote “Yes”.

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