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Lagoon 42 Structure Refurbishment 

This week, PINCO, Inc. dewatered the lagoon, completed the concrete repairs to the lagoon structure, replaced the water control gate and applied the epoxy coating to the structure.  Barring any setbacks with this work, the  lagoon will return to its normal water level next week.  As a reminder, this project was approved by the Public Works Committee, Finance Committee and Board of Directors in May and will be funded through the Capital Reserves Fund in the amount of $54,675, which ended up coming in slightly under the budgeted amount of $55,000. 

2020 Moon River Deep Well Pump Replacement

On Friday, July 8, 2020, staff was notified that the deep well that provides irrigation to the Moon River Gate and Dream Maker Circle Park was nonoperational. Based on the noise and continual tripping of the electrical breaker, staff determined that the pump had blown. Two contractors were called onsite to inspect the pump: Pinckney Well Drilling and Breland Well Drilling both confirmed that the pump had blown. Both contractors were asked to provide bids to replace the existing 5 hp single stage pump with a stainless steel 5 hp variable speed pump. In addition, the contractors were also asked to provide bids to replace the control box, pressure tank, approximately 100’ of galvanized steel pipe and well seal. Pinckney Well Drilling provided the lowest bid for the replacement in the amount of $6,450. This pump was scheduled for replacement in 2022; however, the replacement was moved up to this year due to the pump failure as this well is the only supplier of irrigation to the Moon River Gate and Dream Maker Circle Park. This purchase was funded through the Capital Reserves Fund.

Over the next several weeks, the irrigation at the Moon River Gate will be running at various times (outside of the normal watering times) as the turf and surrounding plantings require revitalization. 

Summer Flower Change-Out

This week, BrightView Landscapes began the installation of new flowers at the gatehouses and TLA amenity areas. The flower varieties include: sunpatiens mix, blue evolvulus, petra croutons, Greenleaf begonia mix, bronzeleaf begonia mix, and marigolds. As a reminder, this service is included in our annual landscape contract.  Please note that these beds are replaced a couple times a year before they die to ensure that our gates are aesthetically pleasing for all residents and guests.  Additionally, the perennial flowers are repurposed in other areas throughout the community. 

2020 Community Path Project

Absolute Concrete continued with the 2020 community path project this week with the conversion of path that connects Sedgewater Retreat to Stargrass Retreat in Deer Creek. The contractor also replaced community path sections in front of new home constructions in Moon River.  

Dog Park Meeting

On Tuesday, staff met with Dog Park Committee members and several patrons of the park onsite to discuss potential improvements to the small dog park. Over the past two years, there has been an increase in the number of patrons who use the small park. This increased traffic has resulted in the deterioration of the turf beyond repair.  Staff is in the process of obtaining estimates to install decomposed granite around both benches along with filling in some of the low spots in the park. Upon receipt of the proposals, staff will discuss with the committee which will include potential fundraising opportunities. Dog Park fees are sufficient to cover the operating cost of the facility, however such improvements would exceed this revenue. 

Road Repair and Maintenance

This week, Bennett Paving completed asphalt patches along Delegal Road and Deer Run. These patches included the repair of potholes and ride altering bumps. 

Construction of Storm Drain Inlet Box

This week, in-house staff constructed a new storm drain inlet box for an upcoming project. Constructing this custom inlet box inhouse saved the department approximately $900. 

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