President's Update 7-23-2020

By John Holmquist
President, The Landings Association
Who’s Who at The Landings TLA, TLC, and TLCo…the abbreviations can be confusing to new and longtime residents alike. Although the abbreviations are similar, the organizations they represent are different and distinct. Recently, I have heard comments and seen emails that indicate that the confusion could carry over into the Annual Dues increase discussion. I have attempted to set forth a short description of each organization. The Landings Association/TLA TLA is our property owners association. It is a not-for-profit corporation. Each owner is a member with the rights, privileges, and obligations under our Covenants. TLA is responsible for maintaining and promoting the health, safety, and welfare of its members. It utilizes a staff of 78 employees to carry out its responsibilities. Among the services provided and assets maintained are the following:
  • 715 acres of common property
  • 91 miles of roads
  • 30 miles (22 paved) of community paths
  • 313 center islands
  • 151 lagoons
  • 2 deep water marinas
  • 2 athletic fields
  • Playground
  • 7 gated entrances
  • 11 bridges
  • Dog Park
  • Sunset and Sunrise Parks
  • 3 storage facilities
  • 11 buildings
  • 30 vehicles (including heavy equipment and two boats)
  • 24-hour Security
Almost two-thirds of TLA’s operations are funded by Annual Dues. No money is received from or transferred to The Landings Company or The Landings Club to support its operations. The Landings Company/TLCo TLA is the sole shareholder of TLCo. TLCo was created to perform the marketing function of The Landings. It develops and implements a marketing strategy to promote and to maintain the lifestyle of The Landings by attracting qualified new buyers and representing sellers. Its marketing efforts are funded exclusively through its real estate brokerage operations. It neither receives nor transfers any money to TLA or The Landings Club in support of its operations. The Landings Club/TLC TLC is a private membership club wholly owned by its membership. The members and their guests enjoy six championship golf courses; four clubhouses and restaurants, including the newly opened Marshwood Clubhouse; a court sports center; a fitness center; and five swimming pools. TLC is separate and distinct from both TLA and TLCo. It neither funds their operations nor receives funding from them to fund its own operations. I hope I have helped explain the differences among these organizations. While the organizations have different missions, all three must be successful for The Landings to continue to be what it is today -- the best coastal community in the Southeast. The Annual Dues proposed will be used exclusively to fund TLA’s operations and reserve account. No portion will go to TLCo or to TLC.

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