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Lagoon 42 Structure Refurbishment

Beginning Monday, July 20, PINCO, Inc. will be onsite to complete the refurbishment of the existing lagoon structure located in Lagoon 42 (located at the intersection of Westcross Road and Waterside Road). Prior to the repair, the lagoon will be partially dewatered to allow contractor access to the structure. The refurbishment will include the replacement of the water gate valve (allows for lagoon water drawdowns in the event of a storm), some concrete repairs, along with an epoxy coating on the inside and outside of the structure.  This project was approved by the Public Works Committee, Finance Committee and Board of Directors in May and is funded through the restricted Capital Reserves Fund in the amount of $55,000 (at budget). 

Demo of New Storm Drain Cleaning Equipment from Southern Vac (Jetting Trailer)

The Public Works Department is testing a new piece of equipment from Southern Vac to clean storm drains.  Thus far, the equipment appears to be more effective and easier to use than our current jetter truck.  Additionally, it does not require a CDL driver and has the ability to be hooked up to our pickup trucks via trailer hitches. This cleaning system also allows staff to reach tighter spaces that our current truck does not accommodate and is much more cost effective.  Staff will continue to evaluate the new system to determine the feasibility of purchasing it when the department jetter truck is replaced. The current jetter truck has exceeded its original scheduled replacement and was refurbished several years ago to further extend its useful life. 

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