Backyard Buzz - TLA's Heavy Equipment

Is all of The Landings Association’s heavy equipment necessary, or do many pieces of equipment often sit idle? If we don’t need this equipment, maybe TLA should consider selling it, contracting out some of the work, such as lagoon maintenance, taking that money, and placing it in the Capital Reserves Fund.  Yes. Every piece of equipment purchased by your Landings Association is necessary to maintain the infrastructure in The Landings. From the Street Sweepers that daily remove debris, pine straw, and leaf litter from the roadways and prevent debris that otherwise would end up in the storm drain system and lead to potential flooding on the roadways, to the Backhoe Loader, bucket trucks, and Stump Grinder (all of which have more than paid for themselves during clean-up and restoration caused by Hurricane Matthew and Tropical Storm Hermine), every piece of equipment is used, and used often, to complete weekly maintenance cycles. Additionally, when equipment reaches the end of its useful life, your Association works to sell the old equipment via auction sites to offset the new purchase price. There are times when equipment is rented for specific projects as opposed to outright purchasing the item, as it is not used on a regular basis, like our current fleet is. Some examples of rented equipment include a Mini Excavator, boom lights, electric signs boards, front end loaders, large dewatering pumps, etc. To read more about the heavy equipment that your Public Works Department uses, please click here.

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