Landings Security Testing Traffic Hawk Device

Courtesy of Landings Security
As Landings Security continues evaluating methods to make the streets and community paths in The Landings safer, one of our preferred vendors has loaned us their Traffic Hawk traffic compliance device (pictured below). The device is a speed detection device that also is being tested for stop sign violations. In the coming weeks, you may see the Traffic Hawk deployed throughout the community at various locations recommended by residents. As a reminder, Landings Security enforces The Landings Association’s Rules and Regulations, including Section F.2 Vehicles, which states, “The speed limit at The Landings, unless posted otherwise, is 30 MPH.”  Residents and guests are reminded that upon entering all gates throughout our community, signs are posted clearly stating, “Speed Checked by Detection Devices”. Additionally, Chatham County Police Department routinely enforces traffic laws in our community pursuant to State statute and TLA Rule & Regulations Section F.1 Vehicles, which states that “Drivers must comply with the “Uniform Rules of the Road.” The rules of the road are outlined in the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (OCGA) 40-6-1 through 40-6-397. Traffic Hawk Device

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