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GA Power Street Light Upgrade

Coffey Utility, a subcontractor for Georgia Power, continues to work to replace high-pressure sodium streetlight fixtures (which are no longer manufactured) with new LED fixtures in the community. The contractor is replacing 10-20 light fixtures a day and is currently working along Yam Gandy Road.  After all LED light fixtures have been installed, GA Power, in conjunction with in-house staff, will evaluate which lights require a shield to prevent light from shining into residential homes.  Staff has received a couple of residential requests for said shields and will continue to collect this information and present to GA Power before the completion of the project. 

2020 Community Path Project

On Wednesday, the concrete plant ran out of the Savannah Brown pigment that we utilize for our path system; therefore, Absolute Concrete will not be able to move forward with the project until the color has been received by the plant.  Staff anticipates the project to resume on Friday or the following Monday at the absolute latest.   

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