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2020 Community Path Project

Absolute Concrete is working on the conversion of the community path (from asphalt to concrete) near the McWhorter community path bridge in Deer Creek this week. The contractor will progress to the path from Shellwind Drive to the Deer Creek Clubhouse next week. 

Staff and Absolute Concrete are continuing to backfill along the newly poured paths with a dirt mix which will compact the area around the paths. Thereafter, staff will seed the area to allow grass to grow to further stabilize the area and promote a more aesthetic appeal. 

Contracted Tree Work on Common Property

This week, R&D Tree Service was contracted to remove dead, damaged or diseased pine trees on common property located at the Deer Creek Village Gate (5 pine trees), along Islanders Retreat (4 pine trees) and at the end of the approach to the Diamond Causeway Bridge (12 pine trees) which is utilized as a staging area for Hurricane Recovery efforts.   

Mailbox and Street Sign Painting Program

In-house staff completed all work associated with the mailbox and sign painting program on the following roads this week: Cricket Court, Pennyroyal Lane, Lampwick Lane and Pennystone Retreat. Crews are continuing to work on the side streets located off Delegal Road. There are approximately 400 units remaining in this year’s program scope. As a reminder, please continue to be cognizant of staff working alongside the roadway at times to complete these repairs.

Marsh Observation Tower

On Monday, staff received an estimate to make the necessary repairs to the stairs located between the first and second landing leading up to the Marsh Observation Tower. Staff requested a purchase order to move forward with the repairs which are anticipated to be completed within the next two weeks.  As a reminder, the tower will remain closed until the repairs have been made. 

TLA Administration Building Solar Panels

Staff will be onsite Saturday to complete the pressure washing of the solar panels on the roof of the TLA Administration Building. Cleaning the panels quarterly not only protects the asset and prolongs the asset life, it helps improve the efficiency of the panels which ultimately generates more solar power.





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