Message from The Landings Club

The following email contains important information that all Landings property owners need to know. The Landings Club will transition all Club-related security duties from The Landings Association to its own in-house staff effective June 1. Once the Club's final plans are in place, we will provide you with contact information for how to report any Club-related security matters. This transition also will enable the Association's Security Team to dedicate more time to TLA community path patrol, since the Club will now handle Club golf cart path patrol.

Dear Landings Club Member-Owners

As we reacted to the impact of the pandemic, our Board and staff were driven to make decisions to protect the financial health of our Club. We considered every fixed and variable cost, evaluating whether they were necessary, discretionary, or whether they could be reduced. Everything was under review including compensation, benefits, scope and hours of operation, along with contractual relationships. These decisions were necessary to adjust to forecasted reductions in revenues from all sources while at the same time protecting our member experience and the employment of long-tenured staff.
As we reviewed our contracted services, we considered whether we could eliminate or modify contracts or execute services ourselves. One such contract was our security services agreement between The Landings Club and The Landings Association. It was determined that we could reduce the nature and scope of services and thereby costs to our Club by taking on this responsibility. Beginning June 1, our Club will be responsible for afternoon patrols of our golf courses, along with other measures intended to prevent losses and secure our assets. The Landings Association Security Director, Tim Cook has assured us that his officers will continue to respond with Chatham Emergency Services and Skidaway Island First Responders to medical emergencies on Club property.  
More information will be forthcoming as we deploy Club staff to perform these important functions. The Landings Association General Manager/COO, Shari Haldeman, Tim Cook and I are committed to a smooth transition for members and residents. We have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship between our Club and The Landings Association. We are confident security and loss prevention duties will transition smoothly to our newly hired Club staff.  Tim Cook has offered to cross-train our staff with his team. The Landings Club team is grateful for the many years of service our Club has received from The Landings Association and looks forward to furthering our strong working relationship.


Steven Freund
Executive Director

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