General Manager's Update - May 29, 2020

By Shari Haldeman -
General Manager/COO, The Landings Association
Dear Residents, On June 1, The Landings Association will reopen the Administration Building (600 Landings Way South) to walk-in customers for the first time since being closed due to COVID-19. Many steps have been taken to implement measures to protect residents, guests, vendors, and staff, such as one way in and out, floor markings and signage ensuring distancing, plastic shields installed at the front reception desk, and more thorough cleaning. Some back office staff continue to work remotely to ensure sufficient distancing, as well as to reduce the amount and costs of personal protective equipment and cleaning supplies required. However, as has been the case throughout the building closure, seamless customer service by remote staff will continue. They are easily reachable and available to our residents and vendors, whether working remotely or not. Now is the time of year when we hold our annual Hurricane Town Hall Meeting. With the continued restrictions on large gatherings, we have arranged for Chatham Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) to hold a virtual town hall this year on June 15 at 6 p.m. Please look to Email Bulletins on how to participate through our Microsoft Teams platform. As always, we’ll include a writeup from the meeting with highlights and tips to prepare for the season. To join the meeting, please click the link below.

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As recently announced, The Landings Club has decided to insource its security operations. This means that effective June 1 of this year, The Landings Association no longer will provide contracted security services to the Club. Over the years, these services have included checks and securing of Club facilities, response to thefts or other events, response to violations of Club rules such as unauthorized use of Club golf cart paths and fishing in Club lagoons, and more. With this change in direction, the Club has now hired a loss prevention officer. To support this transition, the new Club employee is cross-training with our Security team. At this writing, the Club is finalizing protocols for how residents should report issues to the Club. This will allow new opportunities for the Association’s Security Officers. The hours spent each day checking and securing Club facilities and responding to calls on Club property will be dedicated to increased patrols in the community, both on our streets and community paths. We are reorganizing some shifts and duties to refocus our resources on Association common property, including Association community paths. We realize this will be a transition for our residents, who are used to calling TLA for all security-related issues within the gates. I am confident that our work with the Club will lead to a smooth transition. On a separate contract-related note, 20 years ago the Association’s Board of Directors entered into an agreement with Southside Fire Department, now known as Chatham Emergency Services (CES). For $25,000/year, Southside Fire agreed to ensure a paramedic would always be stationed on island to provide a faster response time and to be able to administer drugs before an ambulance arrives. This is a higher service level than is specified in Chatham County’s county-wide contract with CES for emergency services, and a higher service level than CES provides anywhere else in the county. Recently, CES informed the Association that the cost of this higher service level is currently $48,000/year, even though the Association has continued to pay just $25,000/year. CES advised that it no longer can operate at a loss while continuing to provide this service level (paramedic 24/7 on island). Following deliberation on whether to continue this agreement, the Board of Directors of the Association agreed to maintain the higher service level of an on-island paramedic, an important consideration in current times. At this juncture, the Governance Committee, staff and legal counsel are reviewing a draft update of the 20-year-old agreement for Board and CES consideration and action.

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