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2020 Road Repair and Replacement Project

Bennett Paving completed the paving of Wickersham Drive and Ale House Retreat on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, the contractor began milling Howley Lane.  Weather permitting, Bennett Paving anticipates the completion of the paving of Howley Lane by Friday.

2020 Community Path Project

Absolute Concrete will begin the demolition of the community path from Shellwind Drive to the Deer Creek Clubhouse on June 1.  In the interim, Absolute has been working on repairs to the Prestbury Lane community path, Fat Friars Retreat community path and some curbing along Willeford Drive.  Additionally, staff continues to backfill along the community path on Tarrow Ridge Road in Oakridge. 

Social Distancing Signage for TLA Administration building and Landings Harbor Store

Staff installed social distancing signage for the Administration Building and the Landings Harbor Store on Wednesday. Staff also ordered A-frame easels to assist with directing residents and vendors on how to enter and exit each of these facilities. Once the buildings have been reopened, staff will place the easels by all door entryways and adjust, as necessary. 

Marsh Observation Tower

As part of our annual preventative maintenance program, in-house staff began pressure washing the Marsh Observation Tower on Wednesday. Thereafter, staff will reseal the tower with a clear water sealing product.

Oakridge Access Control Facility HVAC Replacement

On Wednesday, Mock Mechanical Services completed the removal and replacement of the HVAC unit at the Oakridge Access Control Facility. The HVAC unit at this facility was originally installed in 2008 and has recently required additional maintenance due to the formation of holes in the coils. The newly installed unit is a 16 seer 2 Bryant unit and has an asset life of 12 years. This project was scheduled in the Capital Asset Management Plan and funded through the Capital Reserves Fund.  Additionally, this HVAC replacement was reviewed and approved by the Public Works Committee, Finance Committee and Board of Directors in March.

Landings Harbor Fixed Pier

In addition to the work completed last week on the pier, staff replaced additional worn and/or damaged boards on Monday. On Tuesday, staff also applied a sealant to the newly installed boards. The entire fixed pier is scheduled for pressure washing and complete reseal in September.

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