Village Library Update

Courtesy of The Village Library

As a part of ongoing plans to reopen the library, all members who still have books/library materials checked out are asked to return them to the library as soon as possible. Items may be dropped off anytime using the book return dropbox. The library will not be open, but volunteers will be checking the books in as they are returned. We still are in the “grace period”, so no fines will be levied.

We now know that the COVID-19 virus cannot survive on paper or plastic for more than seven days, and by having the books back in the library well before we reopen, they will be safe to check out to our members.

Also, we have heard from a number of members that they are sorting through their personal books and planning to donate to the library. Please do not bring books by to donate. Keep them at home. We are in the process of cleaning the library from top to bottom and do not have any place to store donations nor do we have volunteers to sort them. Any materials donated during this period will be disposed of and will not be considered for adding to the collection or book sales.

We don’t yet have a specific date when the library will reopen but we are getting it ready to go!

We are developing a new Facebook page as a way to keep in touch more frequently. Please visit us on Facebook at Skidaway Island Village Library or click here.

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