Landings Association Returned Paycheck Protection Program Funds

After careful consideration and deliberation, the Board of Directors of The Landings Association (TLA) voted to return the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funds, and those funds were returned yesterday.

As noted in last week’s email, the Association applied for the PPP loan in consultation with our accounting firm. The intent of the Association was and is to protect the property owners by accessing available sources of capital to keep employees on the payroll and providing community services.

The Association made the prudent business decision to apply for the PPP loan on April 3rd under the conditions at that time. Delinquent annual Assessments had increased from the previous year, the Marinas were closed with no certain reopening date, and other revenue streams to support continued employment for TLA’s 80 employees were decreasing.

The Association's financial forecast has somewhat stabilized over the past month. Remaining delinquent Assessments are down, and the Marinas have now reopened. Therefore, the Board determined that the appropriate course of action at this time was to return the PPP funds.

We acknowledge the voices of many in the community who believe the funds should have been returned, as well as many who believe TLA should have kept the funds. There were numerous variables involved and even more unknowns about how the future will play out. The Board based the decision on the current impact of COVID-19 on the Association's finances.

On a final note, the return of the funds does not mean TLA will come through this unscathed. We do continue to project lower revenues and higher expenses in certain areas related to COVID-19. We will continue to update year-end estimates and aggressively work to minimize impacts, and will continue to keep the community apprised

           2020 Landings Association Board

John Holmquist, President

Jim Morgan, Vice President

Tony Martin, Treasurer Judy Monaco, Secretary
Hal Duensing, Director Eric Larson, Director
Diane Thompson, Director Jim Van Epps, Director
Mark Winters, Director Hank Policinski, Ex-Officio


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