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Courtesy of Landings Public Works

2020 Road Repair and Replacement Project

Bennett Paving completed the paving of Brandenberry Road along with a small asphalt repair (approximately 40 feet) at the intersection of Landings Way South and Huntingwood Retreat this week. Bennett will progress to the paving of Deer Run next week.

Tallow Tree Volunteer Work

The tallow tree volunteer group began working together again this week to aid Rob Cuilty from Evergreen Tree. Evergreen Tree very graciously agree to assist a select number of property owners in the removal of the invasive tallow tree that existed on their properties. A huge thank you to Robert Cuilty and the Tallow Tree Volunteer Group! As an aside, all volunteers and contractors have implemented new safety practices to remain within social distancing guidelines. 


2020 Mailbox and Street Sign Painting Program

In-house staff completed all work associated with the mailbox and sign painting program on the following roads this week: Vandy Court, Fore Royal Circle, Top Gallant Circle, Mainsail Crossing, Cotton Crossing East and Gossamer Lane. Crews have progressed to Sky Sail Circle, Bosun’s Circle, Delegal Retreat, Marina Drive and Delegal Road. Please be cognizant of staff working alongside the roadway at times to complete these repairs. 

2020 Community Path Project

Absolute Concrete is continuing to work on the demolition and concrete application on the community path from Tarrow Ridge Road to the Oakridge Clubhouse. To date, the contractor has completed approximately 30% of the project scope with an anticipated completion date June 30.

Road Cutback Program

In-house crews are continuing to work on the annual road cutback program on Landings Way North between Deer Run and Wiley Bottom Road. As a reminder, the road cutback program is completed annually by in-house staff to uplift and remove any low hanging branches along the right-of-way that are within 12 feet from the roadway.


TLA Athletic Field

As part of our annual maintenance program, staff completed the quarterly pressure washing of all equipment in and around TLA Athletic Field (including the playground equipment) on Tuesday. Staff also repainted the signage around the facility.


RV Yard

This week, staff completed the inspection of the RV yards location off McWhorter Drive. After the inspections were completed, the team added some stone and releveled the driving surface around the facility. The worn-down wheels on the slide entrance gates were also replaced to improve usability in and out of the facility.

Moon River Access Control Facility

Last week, staff responded to the Moon River Access Control Facility several times to reset the exit lane barrier arm. On Monday, in-house staff was able to replace the old motor inside the exit barrier arm making it fully functional again. This gate has reached its useful life and is scheduled for full replacement this year (which will be funded through the Capital Reserves Fund). 

Community Event Message Boards

Staff is working with ION24, our IT service provider and Focus Digital Displays, the manufacturer of the electronic sign boards, to troubleshoot and repair the connectivity issues associated with the electronic message boards at the Main Gate, Oakridge Gate, Deer Creek/Village Gate and Marshwood/North Gate. At this time, we do not have an anticipated date for completion; however, we will continue to keep the Board and community apprised of the repair progress.


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