Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Some TLA Processes

During this time of COVID-19, everyone is adapting to change and getting settled into our new normal. To help you navigate some common processes, The Landings Association has developed this list of Frequently Asked Questions. Remember, if you have questions regarding any TLA-related processes, please email

Q. How do I apply for a new vehicle registration or renew my frequent visitor’s RFID now that The Landings Association’s office is closed to walk-in traffic?

A. Visit Then click RFID Renewal Forms > select the appropriate form (e.g., Frequent Visitor RFID Renewal, Residential RFID New Vehicle Application, etc.). Once you fill out the form and submit it, our Community Relations staff will update the appropriate RFID, send the appropriate documents to the Main Gate for you, and reply with an email, which outlines further instructions if any are required.

Q. How can I request an Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Permit for a Dumpster?

A. All ARC Permits can be accessed online ( Then click Architectural Forms and choose from a list of available forms. Fill out the appropriate form that coincides with the architectural project that fits your need. Once you submit your form, photos, and the applicable payment (if any), a representative from the Community Development Department (CDD) will contact you letting you know the steps to take to complete the review process or any information you need to know regarding your permit. Remember, if you need further clarification regarding the rules surrounding a project, you can access ARC Guidelines via the Resources tab ( > then click Architectural Documents > Architectural Guidelines.

Q. Do I need to call Pubic Works to report a clogged storm drain, a streetlight that is out, root intrusion, or any other issue I observe in the community?

A. No. You can submit a work order request via SeeClickFix on the Landings Association’s website. Just On the homepage you will see a grey box that reads “Report a Problem -- SeeClickFix”. Or click here. Fill out the request form and be sure to include your address, a description of the problem, and your contact information. You also can upload photos of the problem via the SeeClickFix platform. Once you submit the form, it will be instantly routed to the appropriate department and a team member will address the matter in a timely manner.

Q. How can I remit a Marinas or other payment to The Landings Association’s Finance team while the office is closed to walk-in traffic and the drop boxes have been removed from the turnaround circle in front of TLA?

A. Please mail all payments to The Landings Association (600 Landings Way South, Savannah, Ga., 31411). Team members pick up the mail from the post office three times weekly, as the United States Post Office will not deliver mail if a business is not operating at its physical location.


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