On the Security Scene

Courtesy of Landings Security

Gas Leak

Landings Security and Chatham Emergency Services (CES) responded to Wiley Bottom Road for a report of a gas leak on Monday, April 20. Upon arrival, the smell of gas was present in the area, and it was determined to be located at a nearby residence. The homeowner advised that there were two underground propane tanks for her generator; however, the generator is no longer in use as she could not find someone to service it, so the tanks had not been filled in more than two years. CES located the valves for the tanks and shut them off. Additionally, they encouraged the resident to have someone service the generator or possibly have it removed.


Landings Security responded to Delegal Marina on Sunday, April 19, for a report of vandalism. Upon arrival, the officer found that the plywood barrier blocking access to the lounge area on the second floor of the Delegal Tower had been forced open. Additionally, there were numerous beer bottles, cans, and other bits of trash around the area. The officer cleaned up the area and attempted to put the plywood back into place. Security personnel reviewed camera footage and found three possible suspects walking on the pier the previous evening. The individuals have not been identified. Public Works was notified to fix the barrier.

Suspicious Incidents

On Monday, April 20, Landings Security responded to Stargrass Retreat in reference to a suspicious incident. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with a BrightView employee. While the BrightView employee was performing work along Shellwind Circle, an older male sat down in his cart. The employee asked the individual to move, but the man refused and insisted that the employee give him a ride home. Since the man refused to move, the employee eventually continued on his route. When he approached Stargrass Retreat, the man got off the cart and began talking with some people walking along the street. Security patrolled the area and inquired with walkers and residents in their yards, but no additional sightings were reported of the man.

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