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By Raoul Rushin - 
President, TLCo 

Landings home sales continue in the face of COVID-19… 

Although we began to see “real” effects of COVID-19 in early March as Discovery Visit cancelations mounted and we started to look at operational changes ourselves and then closed the office to operate remotely on March 20, sales are being made. 

As you can see below, ultimately the first quarter ended well for Landings home sales. Unfortunately, the lack of Discovery Visitors and limited showings will show up in the upcoming months. 

There is good news in that, between April 1 and 17, TLCo had put 14 homes under contract. In some cases, they were sold virtually through applications such as FaceTime or Zoom, while others were vacant, and agents were able to show the buyer a home physically while maintaining social distancing and safety. 












Additionally, new lead activity from those interested in our communtiy as well as those specifically asking to schedule a Discovery Visit after the virus has passed is quite robust under the circumstances. 

   We feel that once safety is restored, we will see increased interest and urgency from those who have now experienced working remotely and realize they can work from nearly anywhere. We believe they will now look to less dense havens like our own to find additional peace and safety outside of more metro areas. In fact, several articles have appeared, included one recent one in the New York Times confirming this thought. Read NYT: Big Cities and Coronavirus to learn more.

 As I know we all do, we at the Company continue to hope and pray that those affected are healed, those unaffected stay safe, and that our country and world return to relative safety very soon. 




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