Chatham Emergency Services Update

By Carey Ruppert -
Chief, Southside Division


In this current COVID-19 environment, I don’t want to subject you to more dire warnings about all the things that might endanger you or your loved ones. Rather, I remind you of something that should make you feel a little more secure. 

So, in that vein, this month I am not going to focus on fire safety and give you a laundry list of things you should do to avoid burning your house down. Instead, I assure you that as always, the career and volunteer firefighters on Skidaway Island remain committed to protecting you, your family members, and your property. Regardless of the Shelter-In-Place Order, we still are responding to fire emergencies and will continue to do so. 

Let’s all hope that life returns to normal soon -- whatever the new normal will be. In the meantime, let’s hope that our friends and family continue to video conference whenever possible and continue to send us all those emails with cute animal videos and corny jokes. 

Stay safe, and wash your hands! 

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