A Message from CCA Skidaway  

Courtesy of CCA Skidaway 

Dear Friends and Members of CCA Skidaway, 

As you may recall, every year for the past 25 years on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, CCA Skidaway and a group of excited, watchful volunteers have conducted a kids fishing event to help children learn the techniques involved with baiting a hook, tossing a line out into a pond, and experiencing the joy of catching a fish (oftentimes for the very first time). 

Unfortunately, with an abundance of caution, due to the uncertainty of where we will be in May as we possibly begin relaxing of the social distancing rules in effect for the coronavirus, we've decided to postpone the Kids Fishing Derby until the fall. As we proceed through the summer months and we make progress on moving through the government-recommended reopening phases, we will reassess conditions on the island and announce a new date for this event. 

Meanwhile, the blue gills in the kids lagoon are plentiful and remain very active as we continue to feed them fish pellets using the automated feeders. Please take advantage of these great conditions and take your kids fishing (behind the Oakridge Fire Station). Stay tuned, be safe, and we'll see you in the fall. 

Tom Rood 

Kids Fishing Program Chair 

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