Window to the World

One of the stops on many travelers' itinerary is the local museum. As we are sitting at home waiting for the days when we can travel again, many museums are creating virtual tours to allow us to visit their museums from the luxury of our favorite seat.

Maybe you've dreamed of going to Paris and exploring the Louvre. Here you can explore their Egyptian Antiquities exhibit as well as see the remnants of the building's original moat and gaze at the works of Rembrandt and Delacroix. 

Perhaps the Uffizi Gallery in Italy is on your bucket list. Using this link you can learn about each of the statues in the impressive collection, some are even equipped with 3D images that allow you inspect the piece more closely than you would be allowed to get to the real thing. 

Fans of Picasso will enjoy exploring the Courtyards of the Picasso Museum of Barcelona. The site was chosen to display the artist's work as well as showcase the history of the city that was dear to him. 

There also are fascinating collections at museums right here in the USA. 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has 360-project allow you explore the museum at your leisure, but also are offering live-streamed programming through their website. See the schedule here.

The LA County Museum of Art has loaded walk-through videos of their collections to their website as well as developed documentaries and online lectures to supplement the virtual experience of exploring the museum. 

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