UGA Skidaway Institute Conducts Timber Harvest on Skidaway Island

By Mike Sullivan -
Courtesy of SKIO

The University of Georgia Skidaway Institute of Oceanography has begun a timber-cutting operation on the wooded portion of its campus at the north end of Skidaway Island. Skidaway Island residents can expect to see an increased number of lumber trucks on McWhorter Drive and the Diamond Causeway.

The Institute contracted with the Georgia Forestry Commission to conduct the timber harvest and sale. The goal of the project is to thin the planted pines on approximately 65 acres of state land on both sides of McWhorter Drive between OSCA Road and Ocean Science Circle. The purpose of thinning the trees is to promote the health and growth of the remaining trees.

The contractor has one year to complete the work. However, weather permitting, the operation will be completed in much less time.

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