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2020 Road Repair and Replacement Project

Bennett Paving began paving Franklin Creek Road North this week; however, they were unable to finish the paving due to electrical issues at the asphalt plant (caused by a lightning strike). Barring any further delays, Bennett Paving is scheduled to pave the remainder of Franklin Creek Road North on Monday and progress to Village Green Circle thereafter.  Residents who live on the above-mentioned roads have been notified of these changes via Swift911 and correspondence has also been placed in their mail tube.

2020 Community Path Project

Absolute Concrete has continued to work on Phase 1 of this year’s Community Path Project from Pine Shadow Court to Westcross Road. While the project is still progressing, it’s at a much slower rate than normal due to a COVID-19 related reduction in staffing at the Concrete Plant. Staff and our contractor are continuing to monitor the situation and will keep the community apprised of any changes. 

Jan-Pro EnviroShield Application

On Saturday (April 4), Jan-Pro was onsite to conduct an additional EnviroShield disinfecting treatment at the Main Gate, North Gate and Public Works Building. This treatment includes a safe and effective disinfectant cleaner (with an electrostatic sprayer) that kills harmful viruses and bacteria that surround and cling to surfaces. 

Holiday Preparations

In preparation for the upcoming Easter holiday, in-house staff pressure washed the street signs on the primary and secondary roadways. This maintenance on our signage is completed twice a year. 

2020 Mailbox and Street Sign Painting Program

On Wednesday, in-house staff began the preliminary work associated with the Mailbox and Street Sign Painting Program. This is an annual program where a portion of the community’s signs, mailbox posts, mailbox numbers and yard plaques are painted and repaired (as needed). This year, 1/6 of the community will be addressed in the following area:  Landings Way South past Yam Gandy Road and its side streets. This is a reduced scope of work (previously 1/3 of the community) resulting from budget reductions. 

Flower Change-Outs

This week, BrightView Landscapes began the installation of new flowers in the following beds: Main Gate Monument Sign, North Gate Monument Sign, North Gate Guard House and all beds at Delegal Marina. The flowers in these beds are being changed out ahead of schedule as the early heat caused them to deteriorate much quicker than normal. All other flower beds will be replaced during the week of April 20. As a reminder, this service is included within our annual landscape contract. 

2020 Center Island Pine Straw Application

This week, BrightView and their subcontractors began the application of pine straw at the gatehouses. Thereafter, they will progress to the secondary and primary center islands. Below is a brief overview of the benefits of necessity of pine straw on TLA common property:

The Landings Association has long used pine straw as a landscape fixture on our center islands for a variety of reasons, one of which is its aesthetic appeal. However, underneath the visual appeal are several factors that make pine straw a sustainable and cost-effective tool. Pine straw is an all-natural, locally sourced product that is used to deter weeds on our center islands. It is high in nitrogen which will eventually decompose into fertilizer. Pine straw also insulates tender roots from temperature extremes while helping to retain soil moisture by reducing evaporation. In addition, this material helps prevent erosion because it is not easily washed away and encourages water infiltration into the soil. Ultimately, pine straw serves a critical role in the functionality of our center islands due to the lack of irrigation infrastructure. The Landings Association plans to continue its annual pine straw application to all primary and secondary center islands this Spring. This annual program is funded through the department’s operational budget. 


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