On the Security Scene

Courtesy of Landings Security

Failure to Comply

Landings Security responded to several incidents of residents failing to comply with the Governor’s Shelter in Place order. Limiting groups to no more than 10 people and social distancing of at least 6 feet should not be ignored. As a reminder, the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) is tasked with enforcement of the Governor’s order, and you could be charged with a misdemeanor and face being incarcerated (at some future date as the CCSO currently is not incarcerating people for misdemeanors) and/or fined for violating Kemp’s order.

We also have noticed increased incidents of what appears to be unlicensed drivers operating golf carts, golf cart drivers operating in “cart free” zones, driving carelessly, playing loud music and shining lights in homes, and operating golf carts on closed golf courses or on a golf course while not engaged in playing golf, all of which are prohibited. A list of the golf cart rules can be found in The Landings Rules and Regulations on our website (www.landings.org/resources > Governing Documents). Additionally, the rules can be on pages 39 through 42 of The Landings Residential Directory, and the Golf Cart-Free Zones are listed on page 29.

Residents and guests are asked to please help us eliminate these socially irresponsible behaviors and enforcement issues. Each time an officer responds to an incident, they increase their risk of COVID-19. Security team members working through this pandemic are here to enhance the overall safety and security within their authority. They are here for you, so please stay home for them.


Landings Security responded to numerous fishing complaints regarding fishing from unauthorized areas. Fishing from the golf course side of lagoons is strictly prohibited by the Club. Therefore, this constitutes trespassing on private property.  Additionally, there are a few lagoons which cannot be accessed by TLA common property, e.g. Lagoon #70 and several others. Fishing is restricted to property owners and their guests on those restricted lagoons.


Landings Security was notified of a possible scam email which appeared to be sent from the chairperson of a volunteer committee on behalf of TLA. The email requested gift cards to use for donations. As noted in several Landings Journal articles, requests for gift cards are a huge red flag. Additionally, the author of the email stated they were away and needed help, which is another red flag. Unfortunately, scam artists will use every possible avenue to capitalize on the public’s fear of COVID-19. Residents are reminded to be cautious of unsolicited products, services, and requests to donate or assist any organization.

Golf Cart vs. Bicycle

Landings Security responded to the cart path on Tidewater Way adjacent to the Main Gate for a report of a bicycle accident. The resident advised that he was riding his bicycle on the community path heading toward The Village when a golf cart going in the opposite direction failed to provide the right-of-way. The bicyclist veered off the path, which caused him to fall and sustain some injuries to include possibly broken ribs. However, he declined medical treatment at the time, and the responding officer provide the resident a ride home. Security personnel was able to obtain a golf cart registration number from the Avigilon camera system and is attempting to identify the owner. It appears the golf cart was sold, and a transfer of ownership did not properly occur.

Domestic Dispute

Landings Security and Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) responded to a residence for a domestic dispute. No violence was reported, and no arrests were made.


Although we relaxed our rule regarding the early placement of yard debris (dry trash), debris may not be placed on TLA common property or unimproved lots. Additionally, all household trash must remain in the service area. Trash containers with household trash may not be placed curbside.


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