Skidaway Audubon News: Audubon Seeking Volunteers 

Courtesy of Skidaway Audubon 

Got extra time on your hands? Skidaway Audubon is looking for a few caring folks to assist with various projects. 

Volunteers are needed to help support Skidaway Audubon’s many programs and activities. No experience is needed, all activities are outdoors, and most can be done individually or with a partner. 

Sparrow Field - Whether you have a green thumb or you’re all thumbs, the pollinator garden at Sparrow Field could use your help. Located off Bartram Road, the Pollinator Berm at Sparrow Field is home to more than 100 species of flowering plants that attract butterflies, dragonflies, bees, and other insects that are essential to horticulture, and more importantly, agriculture. Volunteers are needed to help maintain and “grow” the garden.  If you can lend a hand, please email

Turtle Rescue - Many years ago, diamondback turtles were harvested by the hundreds of thousands for soups or kept as pets. Restoring the population has been a challenge. Skidaway Audubon runs the largest terrapin rescue project on the East Coast. Volunteers are needed to help rescue terrapin eggs from the golf course sand traps to save them from hungry predators. The turtle eggs then are placed in a hatchery located on the island, and later the baby diamondbacks are released into the marshes. Last year, 2,225 turtles were released. If you are interested in helping the “Turtle Team,” email

Bottle Brigade - No, it’s not the liquor store staffers who carry purchases to your car. The Bottle Brigade was formed in 1988 to help keep the island beautiful. Each team member removes litter along an assigned route once a week or as needed. Particular attention is paid to vacant lots and around lagoons. Help is needed for this team. Young people looking to be of service to the community are especially welcomed. If interested, please contact Chair Caryl Warner (912-598-7568 or to join an available route near your home. 

Bat Abodes - Bat houses can draw unwanted bats away from homes and attract them to areas where they can consume massive amounts of mosquitoes and other flying insects. Skidaway Audubon has installed and maintains bat houses along five golf courses. Locations for six new bat houses are being evaluated. Volunteers are needed to help install the new houses and to monitor existing houses. For details, email Bat Abode Project Coordinator Jean Deitch ( 

Skidaway Farms - From administrative tasks to hands-on help, there always is a need for an extra pair of hands on the Farm! Whether you are an experienced backyard farmer or have never grown a tomato in your life, opportunities await at Skidaway Farms. A newer amenity at The Landings, the farm officially opened in 2011 following extensive planning and labor by a group of dedicated volunteers and many other supporters. For more information, email “Farmer Jane” Kollmann ( 

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