On the Security Scene

Courtesy of Landings Security

Coronavirus (COVID19)

Staff continues to participate in virtual CEMA meetings as well as hold virtual EAT meetings. The third meeting for the EAT was held on Tuesday, March 24. There were 32 people from various entities in attendance during the session. Topics discussed include an update of the current situation as well as continued prevention measures taken by group members.

Additional measures have been taken for the health and safety of everyone. Association employees began working remotely on Wednesday, March 25. Due to personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages, Security personnel will no longer be responding directly to medical calls but will continue to provide escorts for ambulances depending on staffing levels. Critical workforce security staff volunteers have been identified, and two homes allocated to stay on property if warranted. Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) and Chatham County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) also have been placed on standby for potential off-duty officers to assist with patrol operations.


Landings Security responded to the restrooms at the Association’s Athletic Fields for a report of property damage on Thursday, March 19. Upon arrival, officers made contact with a Public Works employee who advised that the soap dispenser in the men’s restroom appeared to have been set on fire. It is unknown when the damage occurred or who caused it.

Gas Leak

On Tuesday, March 24, Landings Security and Chatham Emergency Services (CES) responded to a residence on Little Comfort Road for a report of a gas leak. The resident advised that the pool heater blew gas upon turning it on. CES verified that the resident would need to call the pool company to assist with the issue and secured everything until they arrived.

Property Damage

Landings Security responded to a residence on Bartram Road on Wednesday, March 18, for a report of property damage. The resident stated that a golf cart trespassed across his lawn at approximately 12:30 a.m. that morning and damaged his yard. He further advised that he knew who the suspect was but did not want to provide a name. No further actions were taken.

On Tuesday, March 24, Landings Security responded to the restrooms at the Association’s Athletic Fields regarding the men’s restroom door having been kicked open. Upon arrival, the responding officer noted what appeared to be boot prints on the door as well as damage to the door frame. It is unknown when the damage occurred or who caused it.

Disturbing the Peace

Landings Security responded to Chelmsford Lane for a report of loud music on Tuesday, March 24. The complainant advised that he could hear the music inside his home. The responding officer patrolled the area and identified that the music was coming from a residence on the Pineheart Lane. The officer contacted the homeowner who advised that he had some guests over, and they accidentally activated the outdoor patio speakers without realizing it. The outdoor speakers were turned off, and the officer advised the complainant of the results.

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