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2020 Road Repair and Replacement Project

Bennett Paving is scheduled to complete the mill and replacement of Hammock View Lane and Middle Marsh Retreat by Friday. Barring any setbacks, the contractor will progress to Pine Shadow Court, Buttonbush Lane and Raindance Court next week.  Staff will continue to send communications via Swift 911 and mail tube which outline the contractor’s progression and any delays throughout the ongoing project. As an aside, staff and Bennett Paving are closely monitoring the asphalt plants should any future closures take place.

TLA/UI Contract – Herbicide and Aquatic Management of the Sprayfields

TLA and UI executed the 2020 contract for the Herbicide and Aquatic Management of the North and South Sprayfields with Utilities, Inc. This contract was drawn up in continuation of the long-term management plan of the sprayfields and included an increase of $616 - primarily due to the cost of chemicals and staff time. As a reminder, this is a service that UI pays TLA to perform twice a year ($2,003.45/treatment).

Gate Flower Replacements

Due to environmental factors (rain and warmer temperatures) the flower beds at the Main and North gates failed prior to their normal scheduled change-outs.BrightView replaced the flowers in these beds this week as part of our annual landscape contract.

Landings Harbor Fish Cleaning Station Repairs

In-house staff replaced all floorboards in the Landings Harbor fish cleaning station this week. Thereafter, staff replaced the fish cleaning table which was in disrepair.

Storm Drain Camera Evaluations

This week, Southeast Pipe Survey completed a camera evaluation of the storm drainpipes located near the 7th tee of the Marshwood golf course (TLC owned pipe) and on Seawatch Drive near #23 (TLA owned pipe). Staff is awaiting the official reports and camera footage from the contractor and will address any required repairs thereafter. Additionally, staff will forward the necessary reports and footage to TLC for review and repair.

Deer Creek Visitor Slide Gate Repair

Thursday morning, a contractor’s truck and trailer was granted access into the Deer Creek visitor lane. When the vehicle and trailer went through the gate, the trailer caught the slide gate causing the gate to bend backwards and become inoperable. The pictures included below demonstrate the extent of the damage.  Staff is working with Custom Metal Fabricators to repair/replace the slide gate.The contractor who damaged the slide gate will be responsible for the costs associated with all repairs and/or replacements. 

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