SeeClickFix: A Reporting Platform for the Community

Courtesy of the Public Works Department

The Public Works Department works diligently to maintain the community’s infrastructure and common property daily. While we strive to repair damages to mailboxes, fix potholes on roadways, and remove algae in lagoons before they are reported by our community members, having a second set of eyes helps continue to make our community a beautiful place to live!

So how can you help? If you happen to drive over a pothole or notice a safety concern on a community path, you can report these issues and many more (street light outages, dead animal on roadway, storm drain concerns, etc.) utilizing SeeClickFix, a free mobile app and web tool that has been customized for The Landings. The platform provides the Public Works Department’s staff with a centralized work request management system to administer issues from creation to resolution, all while engaging residents throughout the process.

Once an issue has been submitted, The Landings Association will receive an email notification. After receipt of the notification, the service request will be acknowledged, assigned to the proper staff member, and will be updated until its completion. Residents, in turn, will receive notifications along the way when the issue has been acknowledged, commented on, and closed.

If you have yet to create an account, there is no better time to do so than today! The mobile app is available for download on Android and iPhone by searching for The Landings Association in the respective app store. In addition to the mobile app, residents can send reports via The Landings Association’s Website (

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