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Emergency Action Team (EAT) Meeting – Coronavirus (COVID19)

TLA initiated a virtual EAT meeting on Tuesday, March 10, to discuss the Coronavirus (COVID19). There were 27 people from various entities in attendance. Topics discussed included the current risk assessment and prevention steps for businesses and employers. Members from each entity present advised of the prevention measures they are taking.

Vehicle Accident

On Wednesday, March 4, at approximately 11:30 p.m., Security staff at the Main Gate observed a vehicle approach the gate in the residential lane before changing to the guest lane. The driver of the vehicle then attempted to make a wide left turn in front of the gatehouse, drove onto the curb, and struck the flagpole. Chatham Emergency Services (CES) and Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) were notified, and contact was made with the driver, who was identified as a resident of South Harbor. The driver stated that he was eating a bag of chips when he made the turn and did admit to drinking a beer or two earlier in the evening. After administering a breathalyzer test, CCPD placed the man under arrest for DUI and Failure to Maintain Lane. A tow truck was contacted to remove the vehicle from the location.

Dog vs. Dog Incident

On Friday, March 6, Security received a call from a resident in reference to a dog vs. dog incident. The caller advised that a dog located outside a residence on Wiley Bottom Road had bitten her dog. She described the dog as a Husky. Contact was made with the alleged dog owner, who advised that she does own a Husky but did not believe her dog was involved. She further advised that she has seen other Huskies off-leash in the area. Security attempted to follow-up with the complainant; however, she was not home at the time and advised that she would contact Security at a later time. Animal Services was contacted, and a citation with a court date was issued to the owner of the Husky.

Gas Leak

On Monday, March 9, Security responded to Tidewater Way for a report of a gas leak. CES was already on the scene. Atlanta Gas was notified and responded to the area to repair the leak. The cause is unknown.

Suspicious Incidents

Security responded to a residence on Skipjack Lane on Friday, March 6, for a report of a suspicious person. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the resident who stated that her children had gone outside to play in the backyard and notified her of an unknown man lying in the backyard. The officers identified the individual as a contractor working at a neighboring property. The man stated that his back began hurting while he was working, so he went to rest. The officers explained that, although he is free to take a rest, he would need to stay on the property where he was working as it is considered trespassing to be on someone’s property without their permission. After informing the resident of their findings, the officers cleared the area. No further incidents were reported.

Security received a report of a suspicious person walking down McWhorter Drive on Saturday, March 7. The caller stated the woman appeared to be homeless. The same individual had been seen by Village Station employees digging through the trash by the gas pumps approximately 45 minutes prior to Security being notified. CCPD was contacted, and patrols were performed on McWhorter Drive as well as in The Village with negative results.

Landlovers Flea Market

On Saturday, March 7, Security and CCPD Officers assisted with the annual Landlovers Flea Market without incident. As usual, the event appeared to be a success with great attendance.

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