President's Update 2-26-20

By John Holmquist
The Landings Association’s Board of Directors held its annual Strategic Planning sessions on February 5 and 6 at Delegal’s Sunset Pavilion. The retreat provides an opportunity for new and old Board members to get to know each other and for the discussion of issues that the Board will face this year in a setting free from distractions. Among the items discussed over the two days were communications and social media; strategic water issues; sprayfields; renovation; TLA involvement in issues arising outside of the community; and the relationships among TLA, The Landings Club, and The Landings Company. The Board held a lengthy discussion concerning the results of the Reserve Study and operating under the current funding level. This is the second year that there had been no increase in funding as a result of the failed Assessment in 2018. The Board unanimously agreed that the most important issue facing the community this year is the need for an Assessment/dues increase. The Board is in the process of reviewing and integrating the recommendations from the Reserve Specialist with the current level of funding to determine whether services which were either cut or reduced over the last two years should be restored. The Board will finalize a proposed Assessment/dues increase by the end of March. A final note: The terminology that is used comes from our Covenants and is unfortunately confusing. The reference to “Assessment” really means property owner annual dues. A better name for the “Reserve Fund” is the “Replacement Fund”. The Reserve Fund cannot be used for operating expenses. It can only be used for capital replacement like streets and heavy equipment.

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