Skidaway Island Presbyterian Church Civility Series: Social Media

Courtesy of SIPC

The Skidaway Island Presbyterian Church (SIPC) will sponsor its second forum on Civility on Wednesday, March 4 at 7 p.m. in the sanctuary. The purpose of this gathering is to discuss how we live ethically in this new age of social media. The objective is to identify the power and the problems of social media and to provide tools that can help us deal with it conscientiously and morally.

There will be three 10-12 minute “Ted Talk-Like” presentations by Sandy Mentzel, Amber Williams, and Rabbi Robert Haas. Rev. Dr. Jeff Garrison, pastor of SIPC will serve as moderator.

Mentzel is a digital marketing and project coordinator at Hospice Savannah and founder of Savannah’s Social Media Breakfast. She earned a BA in Economics from Rutgers University. Williams is Public Affairs Manager of the Georgia Air National Guard and a podcaster. She studied video communication at Bowling Green State University. Haas is the rabbi at Congregation Mickve Israel, as well as a standup comedian and user of Facebook. He is a graduate of the University of Texas and went to rabbinical school in Los Angeles.

The talks on the power of social media, the outrage connected with it, and the tools and thoughts to help us be more ethical while using social media will be followed by an open discussion/question-and-answer period. For questions about the forum, call the church office (598-0151).

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