On the Security Scene


A resident on Chatauchee Crossing contacted the Main Gate on Wednesday, February 5 to report a theft of a diamond necklace and two diamond rings valued at approximated $15K. The resident stated that his wife noticed the items missing the previous day after hiring three individuals to put together some furniture for them. The resident already had contacted CCPD to make a report, and they are investigating. 

Vehicle Accidents

On Tuesday, February 4, Landings Security, Chatham Emergency Services (CES), and Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) responded to the intersection of Diamond Causeway and Westcross Road for a two-vehicle accident between two residents. Upon arrival, officers spoke with a resident who stated she had been stopped at the red light when a vehicle struck her from behind, backed up, and struck her vehicle a second time. A witness on the scene advised that he witnessed the driver knock over a mailbox and stated he was swerving all over the road prior to rear-ending the other vehicle. The incident may have been related to a medical issue.

Landings Security, CES, and CCPD responded to a second accident on Tuesday at the intersection of Diamond Causeway and Green Island Road between a Landings resident and South Harbor resident. The first vehicle was traveling toward the Main Gate, and the second vehicle was traveling through the intersection from McWhorter Drive to Green Island Road. The driver of the first vehicle failed to stop and struck the second vehicle on the passenger side, causing significant damage to both vehicles. One person was transported to the hospital for injuries, and both vehicles were removed from the scene by a tow truck. CCPD issued a citation to the driver of the first vehicle.

Suspicious Incident

Landings Security received a report of a suspicious incident on Morning Marsh Road on Tuesday, February 4. The resident reported that two construction nails appeared to have been placed in front of her driveway. The nails were in a place where she would have driven over them had she not noticed them when she arrived home. She also advised that her husband had found construction nails in the driveway behind his vehicle approximately one week ago. The resident informed the officer that they were fairly new residents so she could not think of any reason that someone would intentionally place nails in their driveway. There have been no reports of similar incidents. Extra patrols will be performed in the area.

Property Damage

Landings Security responded to Elcy Lane for a report of damaged mailboxes on Monday, February 3. Upon arrival, the responding officer found all three mailboxes had been removed from the post. There were damages to the mailboxes as well as the post. The officer also found what appeared to be pieces of a headlight and some fiberglass in the area. CCPD was notified to complete a report for property damage, and the report was forwarded to the Public Works Department for necessary repairs. Security still is attempting to locate the vehicle responsible for the damage.

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