On the Security Scene

Vehicle vs. Golf Cart

On Thursday, January 23, Security and Chatham County Police Department (CCPD) responded to Landings Way North and Tidewater Way for a vehicle versus golf cart accident. The driver of the vehicle stated she was going toward Bartram Road on Landings Way North when the driver of the golf cart entered the roadway while looking at his phone. She advised that she attempted to stop but was unable to avoid running into the golf cart. A witness to the accident confirmed the golf cart driver did not stop before entering the road. Although CCPD did not issue the golf cart driver a citation, TLA Security issued a citation for failure to stop.

Golf Cart vs. Pedestrian

Security received a report of a golf cart versus pedestrian incident on Tuesday, January 28. The complainant advised she was walking her dog across the Westcross bridge when a golf cart driver hit the dog. The dog, however, did not require veterinarian care. The golf cart driver continued without stopping, and the complainant advised that she heard him laughing. Security currently is attempting to identify the owner of the golf cart.

Gas Leaks

Security and Chatham Emergency Services (CES) responded to a reported gas leak on Tuesday, January 28, at a residence on Mackay Lane. CES personnel advised Security that the pilot light for the water heater had extinguished, but gas continued to flow. The pilot light was reignited.

Security and CES responded to a second reported gas leak later in the day on Tuesday at a residence on Woodbrook Court. Atlanta Gas already was on the scene and taking care of the problem. The cause of the leak is unknown.

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