Community Marketing & Real Estate Update

By Raoul Rushin -
President, TLCo

A strong finish to 2019!

The Landings experienced a great real estate year, with 323 total homes sold, or 8% more than the previous year’s 300 total home sales. The implications were very positive, as we ended 2019 with an overall supply of 4.1 months of listed home inventory. The industry considers a 4.0-month supply to be balanced, in that neither the seller nor buyer are advantaged in agreeing on a price. Please understand that this is an average, with homes in the $200Ks having a much faster-moving inventory than those priced at $1m+, etc. Also, keep in mind that over the last six years, we’ve hovered between a six and an 11-month supply, causing the buyers to be advantaged.

This is great progress from the 214 total homes sold just a few years ago, and we feel that annual home sales of 365 or more will put additional positive pressure on our home values. Getting to this number will require additional marketing by The Landings Company, which is directly funded by your decision to list with us and the buyers those funds enable us to attract. Should you choose to sell in 2020, please carefully consider the direct results and indirect community and home value benefits of listing with The Landings Company.

What are the direct benefits? In 2019, we sold almost nine times the listings of the #2 firm. We sold our listings for a 5.4% higher median price, selling 87% of the listings we acquired while the other firms combined sold only 68%, meaning our listings are 28% more likely to sell. Overall, we were involved in 77% of all homes sold in The Landings.

Indirectly, the sale of your home raises our marketing expenditure, thereby creating more awareness of The Landings and our Club, as well as attracts more buyers, therefore, keeping our supply of homes more in balance which enhances all our home values.

















Notice in the chart above that the Company not only surpassed the peak years of 2005 and 2006 but set a record for home listings sold since its inception in 1998.

We also are proud to acknowledge that our team listed 17 (68%) of the top 25 homes sold in 2019 by sales price. The next most active firms had two, or 8%. In addition, we brought 15 (60%) of the buyers to the same 25 homes. The next firms had one buyer, or 4%.

Below are just some of the results delivered by our national, regional, and local marketing reach.

















As always, we sincerely appreciate all of your support each time you choose to list your home, buy your home, and/or refer your friends and family to the Company. It makes a difference.

Your Company, The Landings Company!

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