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BrightView Contractual Work

BrightView staff continues to work through their fall/winter projects which includes the annual road cutback program.  This week, BrightView completed cutbacks from Tidewater to the North Gate.  As a reminder, this project includes the removal of any limb and/or shrubbery within 3 feet from an arm’s length that is impeding the mower’s ability to maneuver around common properties and effectively mow the grass. 

Georgia Power Street Light Project

Over the last several months, staff has solicited input and feedback from the community regarding the two test LED streetlights that Georgia Power installed at the following intersections: Landings Way South and Activity Drive and Westcross Road and Franklin Creek Road South.  Aside from a few comments, the overall feedback regarding the new lighting was positive and staff intends to move forward with the project.  Staff has a meeting scheduled with Georgia Power in February to develop a plan and timeline to retrofit approximately 240 streetlights throughout the community.

TYMCO Sweeper Sale

During the 2020 Ravo Sweeper Unit bid process, Southern Vac offered the Association $26,000 to trade-in the 2014 TYMCO Sweeper.  Staff felt that the TYMCO unit was worth more than what Southern Vac offered to pay for it, so staff decided to list the unit on an online auction marketplace platform.  Several individuals bid on the unit with a final sale of $50,000; $24,000 more than what our vendor was originally willing to pay for it.  The Public Works Department continues to find and implement cost saving measures to include seeking alternate ways to buy and sell older units.

Delegal Marina Sunset Room Basement         

This week, in-house staff demolished a portion of the inside of the Delegal Marina Sunset Room Basement which included the removal of drywall and a wall near the stairway.  Staff also continued to remove old equipment and material in the basement that is no longer needed.  As reported over the last several weeks, staff continues to make improvements to the basement after a failed sump pump (and heavy rainfalls) caused significant flooding and damage throughout the basement.

Departmental Safety Meeting – CPR and AED Training

The Public Works Department conducts monthly safety meetings which provide educational training and videos on topics that include hand and power tool safety, how to read safety data sheets, heat safety and ladder safety (to name a few).  The department also utilizes these meetings to conduct new equipment training and update the team on the active projects and initiatives that are taking place throughout the community.  On Friday, January 17, Dale Simmons with Chatham Emergency Services, conducted a training session on CPR and AED safety.  The training included an overview on how to perform CPR and the proper use of an AED.  A big thanks to Chatham Emergency Services for taking the time to educate our department on how to implement best safety practices in the workplace.


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