Rumble Strips on Diamond Causeway, McWhorter Drive, and Green Island Road

The Landings Association has continued discussions with Chatham County staff, after the removal of the rumble strips, concerning the follow-up required to repair these roads. County staff has advised that the removal work performed by the County contractor did not meet the County’s specifications for this work and created damage to the road surface. The chronic noise problem continues to negatively impact our residents. The County is reviewing two options to address the road condition. The first option being explored is to require the contractor to repair the road. The second option is to include these repairs into the scope of work for the pending project to address the existing left turn lane from Diamond Causeway onto McWhorter Drive. (This project would remove the existing left turn lane and use the existing middle lane for both through traffic and left-turn traffic, bringing it into compliance with GDOT and the Uniform Manual of Traffic Control Devices requirements). Watch for more details as they become available.

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