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BrightView Landscapes Contractual Work

As part of our landscape contract, Brightview Landscapes is working on road and community path cutbacks in the Tidewater and Midpoint areas of the community. Community path cutbacks are conducted annually to provide 2-3 feet of clearance from the paths. Road cutbacks also are conducted annually to remove tree limbs within an arm’s length from the roadways. This work is conducted to improve the safety of vehicular and pedestrian traffic along with improving the line of sight along our paths and roadways. 

Tree Work along the Nature Trail

The department’s tree crew worked on removing heavy tree debris and hazardous limbs along the nature trail this week. Due to the series of storms and heavy rain events the island has received over the last couple of weeks, the nature trail has required extensive tree maintenance.

Landings Harbor Picnic Grounds Bench Installation

On Tuesday, in-house staff installed a new bench at the Landings Harbor Picnic Grounds. The previous bench (originally funded through a LandLovers grant) was damaged by a golf cart and required replacement. The new bench was funded through the department’s operational account.

Delegal Fixed Pier and Restroom Maintenance

The restrooms located on the Delegal Marina Fixed Pier received two new toilets this week. Due to continued maintenance issues resulting in broken flappers, handles, and complete overflows into the facility, both toilets (in the men’s and women’s restrooms) required replacement.

In-house crews continue to replace damaged boards, railings, and piles along the fixed pier.

Delegal Marina Sunset Room Basement

After the series of heavy rain events we received last week, the basement in the Delegal Marina Sunset Pavilion received a couple of inches of standing water throughout the facility. Historically, the basement has had issues with water ponding, specifically during high tides and rain events – predominately due to its subsurface elevation. The building is equipped with a sump pump to elevate the additional influx of water; however, the pump became nonfunctional during last week’s heavy rainfall. In-house staff placed an order for a replacement pump and will install it upon receipt.

Streetlight outage around the Main Gate

Last week, staff notified Georgia Power about the streetlight outages at the Main Gate. Georgia Power was onsite this week and repaired seven streetlights. According to the Georgia Power representatives, the outages were caused by an underground wire failure. 


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