On the Security Scene

Reported Fire

On Friday, January 3, Security responded to Woodward Lane for reports of a fire in an unknown location. Upon patrolling the area, the responding officer determined that a resident on Thibault Lane was burning leaves in his backyard. The officer explained the rules and regulations regarding open fires on private property. CES response was not necessary.


Juvenile-Related Incident and Continued Vandalism

Security and CCPD responded to a report of a nighttime juvenile-related incident at a residence on Deveaux Lane, on Saturday, January 4. These authorities had previously responded to two incidents at the address. On December 23, the initial incident involved an unsafe, underage golf cart operation that resulted in damage to the homeowners’ property. The subsequent incident involved vandalism of the same property on January 1 (syrup, eggs, and ketchup on vehicles, young children’s play equipment, and other property.) On the night of January 4, the homeowner noticed an unidentified men’s bike at the base of the property’s front porch steps. Due to the recent vandalism, the homeowner investigated and encountered a group of juveniles in the Deveaux cul-de-sac. Upon the arrival of Security, many of the juveniles dispersed. The remaining juveniles were identified as residents. One of the individuals reported that it was his bicycle that had been stolen and placed on the property. His parents were contacted. With the involvement of CCPD, the bike was returned. The juveniles, who were initially visiting friends on Benedictine Retreat, were advised by CCPD not to return to the area for any reason.

On Monday, January 6, the homeowners contacted Security to report that their home had been egged around 4:30 p.m. Their neighbor captured video and imagery of the perpetrators and provided them to Security. He also provided additional information that assisted the responding officer in identifying Landings and South Harbor juveniles involved in this and the previous incidents of vandalism and property damage. The identities have been turned over to CCPD for further investigation.

Property Damage

Security responded to a residence of Rookery Road for a report of property damage. The homeowner reported that she noticed several trees and bushes damaged or missing in her yard while she was taking down her Christmas decorations. It is unknown when or how the damage occurred.

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