Backyard Buzz - January 10, 2020

  Recently The Landings Association has become aware of some confusion with respect to Private Property Maintenance Standards (PPMS) inspection processes. The following information addresses those issues: Why does TLA not allow for extenuating circumstances such as financial issues and personal crises? If you make us aware, The Landings Association is more than happy to work with residents experiencing extenuating circumstances when it comes to addressing a violation. We certainly understand that “life happens” but we do need to be advised in order to help. We have worked with owners to reset plans and timelines on an extended basis when they have shared the need for an accommodation. Please contact our Community Development team ( or 912-598-5511), who are happy to help you work up a plan that fits your needs. I recently purchased a property, and the driveway had been cracked prior to my ownership. Now, I received a notice from The Landings Association informing me that my driveway needs to be fixed. Why the concern out of the blue? It may seem out of the blue, so a bit of history for newer owners may be helpful. In 2015, the community overwhelmingly approved a Covenant Modernization Vote, with 87 percent of participating owners voting in favor of updating the Covenants. Community approval authorized the Association’s Board to establish exterior Private Property Maintenance Standards (PPMS) to further enhance private property values in our beautiful community. Implementation required the subsequent establishment of an Appeals Process which was approved by the Board in 2016. In addition, the inspection duties were transitioned from Security to the Community Development Department. Further implementation delays were experienced in 2017 as a result of Hurricane Matthew’s arrival in October of 2016. Throughout 2017 and into 2018, both TLA and property owners focused attention on storm debris removal and storm damage repairs. Starting early 2019, the Community Development Department began performing routine weekly exterior inspections of properties throughout the community. Since that time, a small percentage of property owners have received notices. What’s the inspection process? During routine exterior inspections, the staff review landscaping, hardscaping, and structures to help residents ensure that they are within the standards. Following an inspection, if an issue is observed, the staff will contact the property owner with a courtesy phone call or email. Most often, this initial informal contact results in compliance since residents support and appreciate the benefits of these community standards. On occasion, initial informal attempts to reach an owner are not successful, and a written notice letter is then mailed to the owner. It is important to recognize that upon receipt of the first notice of violation, the owners always have three options before a second notice is issued. These options include:
  1. Correcting the violation within 10 days, if practical; or 
  2. Advising staff within 10 days of your Plan of Action that reflects how and when the identified item(s) will be brought to standards; or 
  3. Filing an Appeal within 10 days to the Appeals Committee (made up of volunteer neighbors) 
The Landings Association appreciates that owners may not be able to have work completed within 10 days, as some situations require contractor assistance and additional time. Staff always are willing to work with owners on a reasonable plan. In very rare circumstances, an owner receives an invoice for fines ($25 per day) that constitute a lien against their property. On these rare occasions, this undesirable action normally is a result of our longstanding inability to obtain a response from the property owner. If I am purchasing/selling property in The Landings, can I have it inspected to make sure that no Private Property Maintenance violations exist? Of course! The Community Development Department's inspection team welcomes the opportunity to meet onsite and perform a courtesy inspection to help an owner or potential buyer understand if the property meets the community standards. To schedule an inspection, please call us (912-598-5510).

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