Service Areas

Community Development Department

A service area is a structure that accommodates the air conditioner handlers, garbage storage containers, and other ancillary residential equipment that may represent an unsightly appearance if left exposed.

Service areas are exposed to the elements, requiring more frequent maintenance or quicker replacement than all other exterior features of the home. For this reason, it is important to occasionally inspect service areas to evaluate their condition and determine if the area is compliant with the applicable rules.

The sections from each Landings Association governing document with service area requirements and maintenance standards are listed below. You can view the complete document by clicking here.

  • Architectural Design and Development Guidelines, Section 3.20. Each home must provide an area or areas to accommodate air conditioner compressors, trash storage containers, or other ancillary residential functions that may present an unsightly appearance. Service areas and other contents must be enclosed from view on all sides.
  • The enclosure must be of the same materials and colors as the home and be an integral part of the site development plan.
  • Private Property Maintenance Standards, Section 4 Building Standards, C. Enclosed trash areas must be maintained and all trash receptacles kept inside. A/C and other utilities must be shielded from view in a well-maintained enclosure.

To better assist property owners with the maintenance and construction of service areas, staff have compiled the following partial list of contractors associated with service areas in and around the Savannah area.


  • Pressure Kleen: 912-220-8134
  • Pressures On Us: 912-445-0081
  • Certa Pro Painters: 912-598-1644
  • Little Cheeper Painter: 912-920-3809
  • Painter Graham: 912-897-0265
  • Pro Touch Painting, Inc.: 912-920-3586

Repair & Replacement

  • Bill Handyman: 912-507-6779
  • Hargett Construction: 912-687-3452
  • JFCo: 912-657-3225
  • M.D. Coastal Builders: 912-313-3590

Please take the time to evaluate your property to assist us in resolving this potential compliance issue. The Association’s hope is that we can address these issues with 100% voluntary compliance. Please contact the Community Development Department (598-5511) prior to commencing any construction activity or if you have any questions or need assistance in bringing your property into compliance regarding service areas.

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