On the Security Scene

Vehicle Accidents

On Tuesday, December 17, Security responded to a motor vehicle crash without injuries at the intersection of Franklin Creek Road and Landings Way South. The resident driver stated that another vehicle ran the stop sign at the intersection causing her to swerve off the road to avoid a collision. When she swerved out of the way, the front passenger tire of her vehicle popped. The driver of the other vehicle also swerved, nearly collided with a third vehicle, and left the area. The driver of the third vehicle remained on scene as a witness. CCPD was contacted; however, since there was no collision, a hit and run report could not be made. The Security officer assisted the resident with changing her tire.

Security patrols responded to the area of Tidewater Square for a report of a vehicle driving recklessly in the area on Thursday, December 12. The driver was reported to have collided with several trees and was driving in the median. Patrol officers located the vehicle in question near Brandenberry Road. CES and CCPD were contacted after initial contact was made with the driver, who seemed confused as to where she was and how she got there. The driver was treated on scene and transported to the hospital for further evaluation. The driver’s mother was contacted to pick up the vehicle.

Security responded to a minor accident between two guests on Thursday, December 12. Both guests were visiting the same resident when one driver backed into the other person’s vehicle. There were minor damages to both bumpers. Both parties stated they would handle the matter between themselves and declined to notify CCPD.

Gas Leak

Security responded to the green of Palmetto 12 for a report of a possible gas leak on Monday, December 16. Upon arrival, the officer noted a strong odor of gas coming from a nearby residence and contacted CES. CES personnel responded and confirmed there was a natural gas leak coming from the residence. Initial attempts to reach the resident were unsuccessful; however, the resident could be heard requesting assistance so CES personnel forced entry into the home. CES located the gas leak at the water heater and shut off the gas until it could be repaired. The resident was treated on scene and did not require transport.


On Sunday, December 15, Security responded to a residence on Strawberry Lane for a report of theft. The resident explained that a golf club putter had been stolen from her golf bag. She had last used the clubs the previous Saturday and left the golf bag on her cart, which had been in her garage all week. The resident further advised that she had used her golf cart the night before to visit some friends on Waterway Drive and left her cart parked in their driveway. She noticed the putter was missing when she went to play golf earlier that morning. She believes that it was stolen while she was visiting her friends, possibly by teenagers or someone walking in the area. The golf club is valued at approximately $150-$500. The resident did not want to make a report with CCPD. Extra patrols will be performed in the area, and Club staff was advised to contact Security if anyone turns in a lost putter.

Dog vs. Dog Incidents at the Dog Park

On Sunday, December 15, Security was notified of an incident which occurred earlier in the day between two dogs at the Dog Park. One dog sustained a bite which required surgery due to the severity of the wound. Security spoke with both dog owners regarding the incident and forwarded the information to Chatham County Animal Services for further investigation.

On Tuesday, December 17, Security was notified of another incident at the Dog Park, and several witnesses to the incident identified the aggressor as the same dog who caused the bite injury two days prior to this incident. After speaking with all involved parties and witnesses, the report was forwarded to Chatham County Animal Services for further investigation. Additionally, on Wednesday, December 18, The Landings Association’s Dog Park Committee notified the owner of the dog involved in both attacks that his dog was suspended from using the Dog Park until the dog has been properly socialized with a trainer.

Digital Message Sign

The digital sign located adjacent to the Main gate’s exit lanes has been inoperable due to technical issues. We have been working with our IT vendor to identify and resolve the issue(s).  Holiday schedules are delaying the process, but we hope to have the sign back up and running soon. All other digital signs are fully operational.

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