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CCA Fish Stocking

Each year, The Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) utilizes donations to maintain the fish stocking program in our freshwater lagoons.  This year’s program included the stocking of nine lagoons (Lagoon 31, 122, 27, 70, 86, 51, 142, 131 and 145) with over 14,200 blue gills.  To date, CCA’s generous donations have resulted in well over 220,000 fish being stocked in our lagoon system. 








Landings Harbor Seawall Sinkhole

On Tuesday, Public Works staff was notified about a sinkhole that developed along the Landings Harbor concrete sea wall in the front of the store.  Public Works staff completed a temporary repair to the area until TIC can complete the final repairs and evaluation.  TIC is currently under contract with Marina staff to complete various other repairs to the seawall.  While onsite, TIC will also evaluate this separation and make the necessary repairs.









Bridge Sealing

In-house staff completed the sealing of the bridge that connects Pine Shadow Court to Tanaquay Court this week. The department re-decked this bridge in October; however, the sealing of bridges is not completed until the wood cures, to allow for the absorption of the sealant/stain.


Community Path Safety Improvements

This week, Absolute Concrete, in conjunction with Public Works staff, completed 15 concrete modifications to the community path located on Landings Way North from Tidewater Way to Wiley Bottom Road.   As a reminder, these modifications were made at the request of TLA’s Board of Directors and Security/Safety Committee to address areas along the path that are highly traveled and have proposed safety concerns related to near misses and accidents. 

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