On the Security Scene

Scam Alert      

A Swift911 alert was sent to residents regarding a Social Security scam. Residents have received an automated recording stating the Social Security Administration noticed criminal activity on their account, and demanded they contact them immediately or criminal proceedings would begin. Spoofing phone numbers and real estate scams (reverse mortgages) have also been reported lately. January’s Landings Journal article will remind residents of various resources and agencies who may be contacted regarding current scams.

Motor Vehicle Crash

On December 6 Security, Chatham County Police Department (CCPD), and Chatham Emergency Services (CES) responded to a motor vehicle crash involving two residents at the intersection of Westcross Road and Diamond Causeway. A driver making a left turn into Oakridge did not yield to another vehicle traveling east on Diamond Causeway. Inbound traffic to the community was diverted through The Village, and a Swift911 alert was sent to residents. Persons involved in the crash were transported to local hospitals, and no fatalities were reported. Both vehicles had to be towed from the scene.

Property Damage and Trespassing

On Wednesday, December 12, at approximately 3:37 a.m., an unknown subject in a blue Ford truck entered the community by driving through the Oakridge exit and knocking down the barrier arm. Security patrols arrived within two minutes of the incident and searched the area for the vehicle. CCPD also responded and further attempts to locate the vehicle in question were not successful. Security and CCPD patrols continued to patrol the area throughout the morning in search of the vehicle. At approximately 8:40 a.m., Security received a call from a resident on Franklin Creek Road South regarding a suspicious vehicle in their driveway. Security responded, and upon making contact with the driver requested CCPD’s assistance. The driver was confused about his whereabouts and was confirmed as the suspect who caused property damage to the gates earlier. The driver was arrested for Trespassing as well as Hit and Run. His vehicle was towed from resident’s driveway, and TLA will seek restitution for damages and pursue criminal charges.

Fire Alarm

On December 6, Security responded in a support role to CES for a fire alarm at the Skidaway Island Publix, which resulted in the building being evacuated. It appears an electrical issue with a freezer in the bakery department was the cause of the alarm, and employees and patrons were allowed to reenter the building once it was cleared and deemed safe.

Deceased Canine

On December 6, Security responded to a report of a deceased dog in a trash bag dumped at the Dog Park. Initial attempts at locating the dog were not successful, however, a Public Works employee later discovered the dog in a trash bag in the woods adjacent to the Dog Park. The dog showed signs of severe decomposition and could not be identified, and the owner has yet to be identified. Public Works staff properly disposed of the dog’s remains, and the report was provided to Chatham County Animal Services.

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