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Delegal Creek Marina Plant Installation

As part of this year’s enhancement credit (a no-cost addition of plant installation services to TLA, negotiated as part of the landscape contract renewal), BrightView Landscapes completed the installation of plants and shrubbery at Delegal Creek Marina this week.  Plant varieties included: Jack Frost ligustrum, azaleas, flax lilies, split-leaf philodendrons and camellias.













Recycling Center Update

Due to the continued decline in the recycling market, the R-3 Committee, in conjunction with TLA Board of Directors, suspended the collection of plastic and cardboard recycling at Recycling Center in October.

On Monday, Atlantic Waste removed one of the two remaining compactors at the facility.  Staff continues to work with Atlantic Waste to find another use/vendor for the remaining compactor onsite.

As a reminder, the Association no longer accepts plastic and carboard. However, Salvation Army, Goodwill, and Boy Scout Aluminum Can collection sites still are available for donation drop-offs. Additionally, the Chatham County Resource Conservation Education Center on Eisenhower Drive continues to receive certain materials. For more information on the items they collect, please visit their website (

Lagoon Bank Stabilization and Erosion Control

In-house staff installed spartina grass and other plant varieties along the banks of Lagoons 3, 15, and 85. Lagoon 3 runs from Bartram Road to Landings Way North and often is referred to as the “Mile-long Lagoon”.  Lagoon 15 runs from Landings Way North near the Dog Park to the back of Marshwood Clubhouse, and Lagoon 85 is off Yam Gandy Road near Sandsfield Way. These three lagoons are tidal. The plant installations are intended to help stabilize and provide a barrier for the lagoon banks, which were beginning to erode as a result of the saltwater and high tides.

Sprayfield Herbicide Treatment/Management

As a part of the TLA/UI Herbicide and Aquatic Management of the North and South Sprayfield Contract that was executed earlier this year, staff began working on the second herbicide treatment along the primary and secondary ditches located in both sprayfields this week.  Staff anticipates completion with this work over the next two weeks.  As a reminder, UI is paying TLA for these services ($1,386.96/treatment).  This work is part of the Management Plan to improve the efficiency of the sprayfield operations.

Community Path Safety Improvements

Pursuant to a request by TLA’s Board of Directors, a subcommittee of the Security Committee was formed to address the ongoing safety concerns on our community paths. Thereafter, the Safety Sub-Committee and Public Works Committee, in conjunction with Public Works and Security Staff, developed a design for specific areas of community paths that are highly traveled and have proposed safety concerns related to near misses and accidents.  The first phase of the project (test area) is the path located on Landings Way North from Tidewater Way to Wiley Bottom Road. The safety improvements will include the modification of concrete curves, addition of path signage, limited path striping and the removal of trees where the additional concrete will be poured to widen the paths.  In-house staff began removing the trees along the path this week.  The remainder of the project will begin on Monday, December 9.  Barring any weather delays, the project is anticipated to be completed by Friday, December 13.  A communication on the project and suggested detour map has been sent to the community via e-bulletin

Storm Drain Repair and Maintenance

In-house staff repaired the storm drains on Barnwell Lane and Romerly Road West this week.  As reflected in the below pictures from the inlet on Barnwell Lane, the structure had collapsed, which required the repair of the concrete inlet and replacement of the inlet grate.

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