President's Update (November 20)

By LeeAnn Williams
President, The Landings Association
Greetings Neighbors, November has been full of activity. Congratulations to Hal Duensing, Tony Martin, and Judy Monaco for their election to The Landings Association’s Board of Directors. Thank you to those of you who voted! On November 19, TLA’s Board appointed three new directors to The Landings Company’s Board. Congratulations to Cliff Frohn, Seth Goodman, and Mike Newman. The Landings Association hosted its annual Landings Roundtable with our local elected and appointed officials on November 6. Read complete details here. These meetings are organized by the Association each fall and provide a forum for obtaining information, seeking support, and making requests on issues impacting our community. This year’s discussion included a myriad of topics, including how the County plans to address safety issues at the four-way intersection of McWhorter Drive and Green Island Road; Chatham County’s taking over mowing from the State from Waters Avenue to the island; and State Representative Jesse Petrea confirming that Landings residents can rule out the possibility of increased fees coming from the State Legislature this year. Our Roundtables always are well-attended, and the meeting portion is constructive and informative. We are fortunate these officials take the time to join us annually for an open and honest discussion that not only helps steer our Strategic Plan but helps us to prepare better for the future of our community. Our TLA staff, led by General Manager Shari Haldeman, creates and fosters these relationships with our officials. The second Budget Workshop was held November 13, with a focus on Changes to the Budget since 2018. The final meeting will be on December 16, at 6 p.m. at Delegal’s Sunset Pavilion, and will focus on the Reserve Study Results. As with the other meetings, this will be livestreamed on the Association’s Facebook Group page. The Budget for 2020 will be approved at the December Board Meeting. Through difficult times this year, the reaction of many was to add value. The R-3 Committee (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle) is an example of this positivity. The Recycling Center was designed and established to operate on a cost-neutral basis, where the revenue earned from the recycling would offset the associated costs. As costs continued to rise and revenues decreased, the R-3 Committee was formed, consisting of residential volunteers and Public Works staff. The R-3 Committee spent hundreds of hours at the Center educating residents and hundreds more hours exploring recycling alternatives. Eventually, due to the continued deficits and the lack of viable recycling vendors, the Public Works Committee and the R-3 Committee voted unanimously to suspend the plastic and cardboard compactors located at the Recycling Center. Members of the community, working together and supporting each other, make our island a better place. On a personal level, as President of TLA this past year, I have been the recipient of kindness and support from this community. Many of you sent messages, delivered constructive criticism and helped find solutions, met with me, gave me hugs in the Publix, and reached out with a kind word. All of you make this community the incredible place that it is. What I am going to say next is difficult. This is not only a final letter as President, but a goodbye as a neighbor. Although I am moving from the Savannah area, there always will be a piece of my heart in the marshes of Skidaway Island. It has been an amazing 23 years, and I leave with gratitude for The Landings Association, The Landings Club, The Landings Company, and all of my neighbors. My best,

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