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BrightView Landscape Contractual Work

This week, BrightView Landscaping completed the overseeding process (with rye grass) on center islands throughout the community. Next week, BrightView will begin the cutbacks along the Nature Trail. As a reminder, this work is included within our annual landscape contract.

Coastal Conservation Association Outdoor Education Center Signage

During an inspection of the Kids Fishing Lagoon on October 29, staff observed that the Coastal Conservation Association Outdoor Education Center signage was removed from the pavilion. Staff had to re-carve and repaint a replacement sign, which was installed on Monday, November 11.

Buildings and Grounds Department

In-house staff continued the annual preparations for the holiday season this week by pressure washing and painting the signage around each gatehouse. Crews currently are working in and around the North Gate and Main Gate. In addition to this work around the gatehouses, staff completed the cleaning of all directional and monument signage throughout the community. Staff will progress throughout the remainder of the project scope until completion.

TLA Playground Drainage Improvements This week, in-house crews installed two drainage boxes at TLA’s Playground to correct the water ponding and drainage issues around the perimeter of the facility. Crews then installed “57 stone” (drainage gravel) around a section of the playground. Over the next week, crews will continue to install “57 stone” around the perimeter of the facility to further correct the previous drainage concerns.


2019 Storm Drain Repair Project

This week, Southeast Pipe began the repairs to the storm drainpipe located on MacKay Lane. Once the contractor has completed the repairs on MacKay Lane, they will progress to the repairs associated with the pipe near the Wells Fargo bank.

Lagoon 102 Riprap Weir Replacement

In-house crews began the replacement of the riprap weir (which regulates water flow and height) located in Lagoon 102 this week. The original budgeted amount of $20,000 included the costs for contracted services. However, after further review, staff determined that this replacement could be achieved through in-house means. The total cost of the project was funded through the Capital Reserves in the amount of $5,382.99 and is anticipated to be completed by the end of the month.




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