On the Security Scene

Gas Leak

On Friday, November 8, Security and CES responded to Back River Circle for a report of a gas leak. A utility crew was in the area burying cables and is believed to have caused the leak. Atlanta Gas was notified and repaired the line.

Road Rage Incident

Security responded to a report of a road rage incident on Monday, November 11. A resident stated that he was travelling east on Diamond Causeway when another vehicle attempted to go around him. After entering the Oakridge Gate, the resident noted that the other vehicle was following him. When he arrived home, the resident stated that the driver of the other vehicle said, “I know where you live now, and I’m going to get you” before driving away. The resident who reported the incident filed a complaint with CCPD and they interviewed the alleged offender. Security personnel determined the vehicle in question belonged to another resident, who has had several other similar traffic-related incidents involving in the last year. Any further incidents may result in a recommendation for suspension of membership privileges.  Residents are encouraged to report road rage incidents to CCPD.


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