Renovation Resources: 2020 Preview

Courtesy of Renovation Committee

Since its first meeting in June, the Renovation Committee has made significant progress in addressing focus group suggestions and requests. Looking forward to 2020, a number of programs and services will be introduced as a response to resident recommendations.

As mentioned in the October Landings Journal, a series of workshops will be conducted throughout 2020. The first workshop will be held on Tuesday, January 21 in the Delegal Sunset Pavilion. The topic will be on interior renovations emphasizing current trends in structural design. The series will culminate with the TLA/Landlovers Renovation Home Tour in October. More information on the workshops and tour will be communicated throughout the year.

A Guide to Renovations at The Landings will be introduced early next year, which will cover a variety of subjects, including selecting renovation professionals, navigating the architectural review process, and other topics to help our residents with their renovation experience.

The Committee also has focused on developing a Landings Renovation Resources website to house a multitude of renovation ideas and resource information. Within the website, residents and perspective purchasers can view before and after examples of Landings renovations as well as view resident testimonials and resources, relevant articles on renovation, the Guide to Renovations at The Landings, and updates on Special Events. Content will continue to be expanded and updated to include additional resource information and support features. The goal is to launch the website in January 2020.

Throughout next year, members of the Renovation Committee will continue to identify methods for improving our property values through renovation. Residents are a primary source of ideas and suggestions, and any input is greatly appreciated. Be sure to contact us at with your comments.

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