Landings Association Seeks Volunteers of the Year

By Lynn Lewis -
Communications Manager

If you know of just the person or group to nominate for the 2019 Volunteer of the Year or 2019 Volunteer Group of the Year awards, The Landings Association wants to hear from you.

The Volunteer of the Year and the Volunteer Group of the Year are intended to promote and reward volunteerism at The Landings. The recipients are those individuals who have gone above and beyond expectations to offer their time, talent, and expertise to a cause which benefits others.

To qualify for nomination, the individual or group must be members in good standing of The Landings Association. They must have an exemplary record of volunteer service which has resulted in enhancing the reputation of The Landings and its citizens, and provided continued service within the Landings community, resulting in the improvement of quality of life and/or the visual beauty of The Landings. In addition, the resident cannot have been recognized for this award in the past three years.

Nominations can be made by clicking Volunteer of the Year Nomination. You also can pick up a nomination form at The Landings Association office (600 Landings Way South).

Landings Association General Manager/COO Shari Haldeman said she is inspired by all the volunteerism that takes place at The Landings. She added that The Landings’ volunteers make a choice to impact the community positively and shape its character.

“These individuals exercise responsibility and accountability and display their commitment to making a difference,” she said. “They truly are the foundation of our community, and the Volunteer of the Year program is an opportunity to thank them and celebrate the contributions they make.”

The community today is what it is because of its long history of volunteerism, Haldeman added.

“Today’s volunteers are important not only to what is going on right now in our community, but they are expressing commitment to the future of the community as well,” she said. “The positive work they do will be here for future Landings generations to benefit from down the road.”

 For more information about the Volunteer of the Year program, please contact Kimberly McDowell ( Besides the online option mentioned above, you also can turn in completed forms to McDowell by mailing them or dropping them by The Landings Association (600 Landings Way South, Savannah, GA 31411).


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