A Closer Look: Landings Association Renter Requirements

By Lynn Lewis - lynnl@landings.org
Communications Manager

The Landings is home to nearly 8,500 residents. Of this number, a small, but very significant cross-section, is renters.

This population of residents receives the same Landings Association privileges as Landings property owners, including RFID tags and a guest pass PIN. However, many homeowners who lease their properties, as well as those who rent from them, often are confused as to what information The Landings Association requires. Additionally, some residents mistakenly believe that the Association is not concerned and does not need to know if someone other than the owner of record is occupying their home. 

In other instances, residents with extra vehicles will leave one with their renter. This means the renter does not have to register with the Association to secure an RFID tag to get on and off the island, and the resident/owner now is responsible for everything that occurs while the renter is driving their vehicle. 

Because The Landings is an exclusive, gated community, it is important that the property owners’ association maintains the most accurate and up-to-date records.

Following are a few helpful tips for your consideration when you rent your property:

  • In accordance with The General Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions leases for fewer than 30 days are prohibited. Dwellings may be rented for residential purposes only and may not be used for timeshare, fractional ownership, or hotel purposes. Additionally, owners may not rent less than the entire dwelling.
  • Regardless of if you are charging rent or helping a friend, please notify the Association of the person who will be occupying your home. You will be asked to provide a copy of their vehicle registration and insurance as well as a signed lease agreement. If your renter is a friend and there is no lease, a signed letter specifying the length of their stay is required.
  • If you have a friend with no lease agreement occupy your home, please notify the Association upon their departure so that your property record can be updated.
  • Leases are not automatically renewed by the Association. If you amend your tenant’s lease, a copy of the amended, signed document is required. If not, all RFID tags and other renter privileges will expire according to the terms of the original lease.
  • If you decide to leave one of your cars for your renter’s use, please notify the Association of the name of all persons authorized to drive that car. Additionally, please refer to the aforementioned requirements.

The Landings Association wants to make certain that all residents receive the top-quality lifestyle experience that they seek when purchasing or renting property at The Landings. Please do your part to help us achieve this goal.
For more information or to discuss the Association’s rental requirements, please call 598-2520 and speak with a Community Relations Representative.

This article was originally published by The Landings Association on their website.

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