Landings Dog Park Cork Recycling

Courtesy of The Landings Dog Park Committee

Next time you visit The Landings Dog Park, take along your corks to recycle. You will find a collection bin located at the park, courtesy of The Dog Park Committee.

Did you know that the bark of the cork oak is harvested by hand every nine years? It does no harm to the tree and extends the lifespan. Cork Oak forests cover 2.7 million acres in Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Italy, and France. By purchasing products with recycled cork you are preserving cork forests to lock away carbon! 31,000,000,000 billion bottles of wine are consumed every year! With your help we can join the movement with already 75 million corks that have been recycled into sustainable products.

Recycle, Grind and Create!  


This article was originally published by The Landings Association on their website.

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